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Consignment Options

You Sell, We Pay

We want to help you earn money from old items you no longer want. Downsizing has never been so attractive or easy! We accept gently used, high-quality goods and pay a percentage to you on the spot of what we’ll sell them for. With our loyal customer base and high product turnover rates, items never stay at Collected at Four32, LLC for long. We don’t have limits on the number of items we accept — but we only accept pre-owned items in good condition. Our sales associates are experts at setting attractive yet profitable prices. Contact us for more details about our selling policy and start earning today!  Our rates are competitive at a 50/50 rate with a 10% price reduction monthly.  


Store Policy

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Second-Hand In Demand

At Collected at Four32, LLC, our low prices attract customers, but our tasteful, trendy products keep you coming back to discover what newly consigned surprises we have to offer. Our helpful sales associates are always on hand to point out new arrivals and to find items within your budget. Our donation and consignment policies are straightforward and customer-friendly. We’re here to help you shop, sell or donate!


Items for sale

Collected at Four32, LLC specializes in hand-selected top-quality and tasteful Antiques, Russian Lacquer Boxes, Antique Japanese Scrolls, Figurines, Home Goods, Vintage Clothing, Classic Toys and Furniture. Our inventory features second-hand items from well-known brand names and manufacturers — all at affordable prices that can’t be matched elsewhere. Shop now for real value!  You can also check out our eBay store by clicking on the link below:  https://www.ebay.com/str/folsomhilltreasures

Home Goods

We offer an appealing selection of second-hand, brand-name Home Goods. Whether you’re into following the latest trends or want to start your own, we’ve got what you’re looking for — and at great prices. Check out our hand-selected merchandise today and get more for your money.


We are happy to offer a limited selection of world renown and local well known artists and painters.  Check out our hand-selected merchandise today and get more for your money.


At Collected at Four32, LLC, we offer a selected of household type mid-century and older antique collectibles.  Don’t miss out on good taste and affordable style!


We provide quality, brand-name Furniture. Our selection is vast and our prices are unbeatable. No matter your style and taste, we have something for you! The trends we feature will turn you into the talk of the town, so check out our Furniture and shop today for value.

Asian Antiques

We’re proud that we can offer a selection of Asian Antiques and collectibles.  Check out our hand-selected merchandise today and get more for your money.

Russian Lacquer Boxes

We have some beautifully intricately hand painted boxes.  Our quality inventory is changing constantly.


Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Collected at Four32, LLC. For more information about purchasing our inventory, or consigning or donating your items, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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