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Can’t-Miss Products

Collected at Four 32 - Antiques & Collectibles has been providing the people of San Francisco with profitable resale opportunities since 2000. We sell gently used Clothing, Furniture, and Home Goods at affordable prices. We also accept goods on consignment. Check out some of our top-quality merchandise today.

Second Hand Clothing


At Collected at Four 32 - Antiques & Collectibles, you’ll find a wide range of tasteful Clothing. All items in our inventory are hand-selected for their uniqueness, so we can satisfy your individualized tastes and preferences. Get the style you want at a price you can afford. Shop today for true customer satisfaction.

Wood Furniture


Here you’ll find an appealing selection of sophisticated Furniture. No one will be the wiser as to where you bought your desired merchandise. Our entire selection of Furniture features top brands at bargain prices. Check out our inventory today and spoil yourself.

Mexican/Spanish unique rocker

Mexican/Spanish unique rocker

Beautiful unique rocker. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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